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A .TEL is a domain extension that is managed and operated by TelNic. This means that registration includes hosting which is completely handled by TelNic. The user will go through the control panel of the registrar to manage the content of the domain. This is done for a few reasons. First, it assures compatibility with all devices. This means if a person using a basic cell phone views the domain, they will see the same content and even have some functionality as a person using a desktop PC.

For pilone.tel, all information offered on the subdomain for the user is defined by the appropriate person. Due to the way the information has to be managed, all new information must be provided to Frank for changes and new entry.

The value of this is to provide a consolidated contact directory. For example, visiting Frank.Pilone.TEL will provide basic contact information, and offer options for additional contact details. This could be thought of as a virtual contact card.